Ждем вас ежедневно с 07:00 до 23:00.  191187, Санкт-Петербург, улица Чайковского 17. Тел.: +7 812 454-55-77, +7 800 500 9844. Факс: +7 812 242 7791

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Restaurant's menu

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In our restaurant Russian cuisine is at the heart of the menu.
Traditional Russian cuisine is popular with the Russians themselves and also with tourists from all of the world.
Such traditional dishes as Borsch, Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganoff and many others are served in the signature interpretation of our Chef Igor Pecherkin.
This means that you will certainly recognize the familiar tastes of classic Russian recipes but the dish will be creative and certainly not boring.
For example, our cold beetroot soup with crab meat and ice cream from cucumber will perfectly refresh you on a warm summer day.
And borsch will be served in a traditional Russian bread pie - we revived a long-lost recipe.
In general, Russian cuisine makes the core of our menu.
Igor Pecherkin extensively works with historic archives, and successfully uses recipes of Russian cookbooks from the late XIXth century, while enthusiastically applying innovative technologies and even using the techniques of molecular cuisine.

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Quality certificate 2016-2017


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