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Our Vino&Voda restaurant was opened in summer 2014

It has an original concept. The name was invented by the St. Petersburg restaurateur Eduard Muradyan, and the first wine card was made by famous sommelier Leonid Sternik.


Russian cuisine is at the heart of the menu

We are convinced that the menu of our restaurant must be centered around the Russian cuisine. The reasons are simple. Russians love and gladly eat handmade dumplings, and borsch, and chicken Kiev. Foreign visitors are enthusiastic about discovering the culture of the country - and cuisine is one of the most important elements of the national culture, indeed. Therefore, Russian cuisine makes the foundation of our menu.

In the autumn of 2014, we launched buffet business lunches. Financially, this venture is does not bring us high profits, but we are really happy about its popularity. We have attracted a lot of guests: every day we receive more than a hundred diners at our business lunch, and this despite the fact that our district abounds in a variety of restaurants, and all our neighbors have a lot of lunch offers.

The menu of our business lunch is different every day for the whole month! Every day we offer two soups, two salads, three hot dishes, three side dishes, two desserts, homemade lemonade, mineral water and hot drinks. Add to this a salad bar with fresh and salted vegetables, boiled potatoes and herrings or sprats and will make an ideal lunch for those who care about their health and appreciate their time. You can dine quickly, choose what you like, and enjoy the most pleasant atmosphere.


Bright strokes

By the end of 2015, we had the idea to add an unusual and striking touch to the main Russian menu. The IHG chain, which owns our brand, is one of the largest international hotel chains and has more than 5,000 hotels worldwide. Therefore, we decided to enter into a creative alliance with our foreign colleagues. We felt we could not afford a good European menu because of economic sanctions against Russia because we lack a few original products on the market, so we decided to turn to our colleagues from Asia. After negotiations with several hotels, we invited Suwätäni Simu with an assistant from InterContinental Bangkok. Suvatyani works as a Su-Shef and is a specialist in her native Thai cuisine. She is also a prize-winner of prestigious carving competitions.

Suvatyani and her colleague spent two weeks with our team and created a wonderful menu, which we served to our guests for the entire 2016 year. We have kept the most popular dishes in the menu, and you can still enjoy them today.


Georgian traditions of gastronomy

In the autumn of 2016, we decided to introduce our guests to the Georgian traditions of gastronomy, and we created a Georgian menu as our special menu for 2017. Igor Pecherkin, the chief cook of our restaurant, went to Tbilisi to get first-hand experience. Our colleagues from the Adjara-group hospitality (this hotel group includes the Holiday Inn Tbilisi and Intercontinental Tbilisi) were enthusiastic about helping Igor to master the wisdom and secrets of Georgian cuisine. Two weeks later, Igor returned home, shared the knowledge with his team, and very soon the Georgian menu was created, consisting of two dozen of the most popular national specialties. We did face some difficulties - at some stage it turned out that in St. Petersburg it was not easy to find the right suluguni cheese and real Georgian flour. Nevertheless, by the end of 2016 we launched the Georgian menu, and it still enjoys great success to this day.


Rooftop terrace

In the spring of 2017, we were one of the first restaurants in St. Petersburg to open a roof-top panoramic terrace. We built it in the summer of 2016, but then we immediately realized that to ensure daily operations in Petersburg's changeable weather conditions, the terrace should be fully covered and heated - which was done.

Our terrace has a fantastic view of the historical center of the city, not constrained by any nearby buildings. In the summer, you can watch three bridges open up! The terrace is equipped with a system of sliding glass and is heated. On April 4, 2017, despite the unexpected massive snowfalls, we received our first guests and the terrace operated until December.

January 2018

Panasian Cuisine

In 2017, we negotiated with several friendly hotels, and chose as the partner the most interesting hotel - Intercontinental Saigon.
Pan Asian cuisine is on the rise in Russia these days, yet Vietnam, unlike China, Japan and Korea remains a terra incognita for many diners. It is high time to get to know the fabulous Vietnamese cuisine! In our restaurant, we will treat you to such delicious Pan Asian specialties as spicy chopped pork salad with fried rice powder, tuna salad with lemongrass and kaffir lime, scallops with vegetables in oyster sauce, spicy pork ribs stewed in coconut water, mango and coconut verrine with chia seeds, and many more expertly cooked Vietnamese dishes.
Our chief cook Igor Pecherkin has gained first hand experience in Vietnamese cuisine through his top-flight colleague, Miss Ngo Minh Phuong, the sous-chief of the banquet division of the Intercontinental Hotel in Saigon. For two weeks in November, Miss Ngo Minh Phuong was a guest of the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg Tchaikovskogo, and now we are ready to present our new Pan Asian menu, where Vietnamese cuisine reigns supreme! We promise a true gastronomic discovery! Welcome!

To be continued....