Ждем вас ежедневно с 07:00 до 23:00.  191187, Санкт-Петербург, улица Чайковского 17. Тел.: +7 812 454-55-77, +7 800 500 9844. Факс: +7 812 242 7791

800 roubles - on week days from 12:00 till 16:00

Every day in our buffet you can find:


Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, pickled cucumbers & tomatoes, pickled garlic, wild garlic, olives, canned corn, herring and Baltic sprat, squash and eggplant caviar

Two salads from the following range:

Salad «Olivier», sauerkraut with beets, baked pumpkin salad with shrimps, red cabbage salad with mandarin, Sicilian salad with smoked chicken and pineapple, couscous with feta and basil, beetroot salad with prunes, funcheza, carrot salad with walnuts, salad with marinated mushrooms and bacon, salad with sausages and potato, cabbage salad with apple and cranberries, potato salad with cod and green peas, Thai salad with
fried rice, salad with chicken liver and mushrooms, cabbage kimchi, celery salad with apple, Spanish salad with seafood , beetroot coated herring, cabbage salad with cumin, salad «Waldorf», salad «Vitamin», potato salad with sausages, salad of radish and cucumber, tuna salad with Chinese cabbage, seaweed salad in Korean style, couscous salad with Tandori chicken breast, Mexican bean salad, beetroot salad with cheese,
salad with Chinese mushrooms, vegetable salad , salad with crab sticks, vegetable salad in Asian style, Italian salad with pasta and salami, squid salad with apple, cucumber salad with radish and corn , salad in British style, carrots in Korean style

Two soups from the following range:

Meat soup, vegetable cream soup, minestrone, mushroom cream soup, sauerkraut soup, baked paprika cream soup, fish soup, celery cream soup, chicken soup , pumpkin cream soup , bean soup with smoked meat, tomato cream soup, spinach soup, potato cream soup, Malaysian chicken soup, roasted eggplant cream soup, mushroom soup, corn cream soup, fresh cabbage soup, carrot- ginger cream soup, meat soup with salted cucumbers, spicy soup of zucchini, Vietnamese soup, pea soup with smoked meat, spiced mutton soup, vegetable cream soup, fish
solyanka soup, potato soup with cheese, chicken broth with rice and egg, mushroom solyanka soup, lentil soup, beetroot soup (borsch), broccoli cream soup, onion soup, cauliflower cream soup, Finnish fish soup, tomato cream soup, miso soup with vegetables, green peas cream soup

Three main courses from the following range:

Beef Stroganoff, the BBQ chicken wings, baked cod with tomato and cheese , homemade pork , chicken fillet with apricot , Thai fishcakes, pork in mustard sauce, fried pelmeni, chicken ragout, meat roll with egg, chicken fricassee with mushrooms, cod with Russian dressing, meat balls in tomato sauce, chicken in wine, breaded cod, Hungarian stewed beef, chicken legs , fish cakes with cottage-cheese, pork in honey- mustard sauce, liver fritters, stewed fish with olives, beefsteak, turkey breast in mushroom sauce, cod with cheese sauce and corn, pork in sweet-sour sauce, chicken liver in onion sauce, fish & chips , meat with chili, chicken with fruit curry, fish fillet with tartar sauce, beef in white sauce, chicken legs with ginger sauce, cod in Polish style, homemade pork, chicken balls in cream sauce, meat balls in cream sauce , chicken nuggets, cod with vegetables, stewed meat with vegetables, chicken fritters, white fish in a creamy sauce with leeks, pork neck in the broth, turkey in cranberry sauce, fish cake, chicken leg in bacon, cod with teriyaki sauce, pork escalope, liver Stroganoff style, Thai chicken with peanuts, bolognese, chicken
fillets, cod in peanut sauce, beef ragout, Munich sausages, cod in sweet-sour chili sauce, fried pork, chicken cakes, fish fillet with spinach

Two side dishes from the following range:

Mashed potatoes, baked potato with mushrooms, boiled potatoes, potato croquettes, potato wedges, rice with green peas, golden rice with vegetables, basmati rice, rice in Asian style, couscous with vegetables, buckwheat porridge, Italian pasta, stewed sauerkraut in German style, vegetable ratatouille, steamed fresh vegetables, breaded cauliflower, spinach with mushrooms, carrots with leeks

Fresh fruit and two desserts from the following range:

Chocolate cap -cake, tartlet with banana cream and chocolate, meringue with chocolate, orange pannacotta, honey cake, spicy berry in jelly, cherry- almond tart, cake «Black forest», prunes with whipped cream, chocolate cake with apricot jam, flavored crème brulee, apple-almond tart, cake with candied fruit, apple jelly with pear, rum-baba, cake with jam, raspberry cap -cake, cherry pannacotta, banana cake with mango, profiteroles with whipped cream, berry tart with cranberries and blueberry, chocolate muffin, orange muffin, fruit marmalade, oatmeal cookies, sesame cookies, coconut cookies, biscuits, pastries , milk biscuits, butter cookies, coffee cookies, lemon cookies, Viennese cookies, chocolate cookies, walnut cookies, almond cookies, cookies with candied fruit

Drinks: mineral water, homemade lemonade, tea, coffee