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Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg – Tchaikovskogo

Treat yourselves to the elegant Afternoon Tea at the Afisha Bar of the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg – Tchaikovskogo! Our hotel is located in a beautiful historic mansion on one of the oldest streets in St. Petersburg. Historical connections are not limited to the exterior of the property, history is at the heart of our hotel. Our Afternoon Tea is deeply connected with the history of St. Petersburg, and it has a charming literary twist: for example, we serve you crescent-shaped rolls, one of the favourite desserts of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, one of Russia’s greatest writers.

Our Afternoon Tea rolls back centuries and revives the traditions of classical Russian tea drinking culture. You are very welcome to try the famous aromatic Kyakhta tea, red caviar on a crispy bread spoon, the delicious home-made marshmallow and blackcurrant marmalade, the mouthwatering honey cake, and indeed, the crescent-shaped rolls, loved by Dostoyevsky – one of the signature details of our Afternoon Tea.

Many literature lovers would be excited to discover that Dostoyevsky had a sweet tooth, and was a frequent guest and customer with St. Petersburg’s finest confectioneries and cafes. The writer’s wife Anna Grigoryevna wrote in her memoirs: «He loved white pastila, and he always bought honey during the Lent; he fancied Kiev jam and would always get chocolates for children; he liked dark raisins, white and red pastila in sticks, and also marmalade and fruit jelly.»

The Afternoon Tea offers you a chance to take s trip together with the famous Russian writer to his country estate in Darovoye in the outskirts of Moscow: as part of the afternoon tea we serve you delicious home-made crab apple marmalade, made with the fruit picked in Darovoye.

We present the Afternoon Tea on the most elegant dinnerware made by the Imperial Porcelain Factory to offer you the most exquisite gastronomic experience.

Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg – Tchaikovskogo

– Classical Russian tea drinking traditions

– Favourite recipes of Fyodor Dostoyevsky

– Elegant Imperial Porcelain Factory tea set

We serve Afternoon Tea daily, from midday to 18.00 p.m. in Afisha Bar

To book a table please call us at: +7 812 242-77-68.

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