“Vino&Voda” is the signature restaurant of the five-star Hotel Indigo St.Petersburg-Tchaikovskogo. We are located in the historical centre of the city, on 2 floors of an old 19th century mansion on Tchaikovsky Street.
The interior of the atrium on the 2nd floor has been decorated with paper installations by Dutch sculptor Pieter Gentenar that emphasise the volume and airiness of the space. Streams of light pouring in through the 25-metre-high glass roof and white marble floor maintain an air of luxury and elegance.
On the 8th floor, a panoramic heated terrace has been installed. Thanks to a system of sliding glass panels that protect guests from the rain and wind, guests feel comfortable here in all weathers. A bird’s eye view offers a unique view of St. Petersburg’s landmarks: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Aurora cruiser, the Smolny Cathedral and the Lakhta Centre.
The menu at “Vino&Voda” features cuisine by chef Anton Kononov. Each dish is a well-thought-out combination of flavours and bright serving. We start with burrata with three kinds of tomatoes, mussels in white wine and ravioli with crab. For hot dishes, we serve refined variations of meat and fish: grilled beef and sea bass steaks served with asparagus and oyster mushrooms, grilled octopus and beef cheeks with truffle oil. 
The restaurant boasts signature desserts. We’ve added a new twist to the usual recipes: we make brownies with avocado, salt and chilli, and panna cotta with brandy jelly. We particularly praise «Anna Akhmatova’s Memories», an original dessert based on the poet’s favourite prune pie with pearls of sour cream mousse. 
You can order a tea party for two: we’ve included dessert snacks. On the appetizer plate, you’ll find, for example, marinated salmon on rye crispy toast, a tartlet with red caviar and Parmesan with honey and pine nuts. For dessert, Dostoevsky’s favourite desserts: cloudberry jam, blackcurrant marmalade and honeydew with fresh strawberries.
The elaborate wine list for “Vino&Voda” features around 100 wines. The focus is on exclusive wines from small European and Russian wineries. For special occasions we offer premium Burgundy. We have paid special attention to water: there are about 50 wines from Russia, Georgia and Europe in our mirror cabinet.
Every day we serve hearty breakfasts: we serve eggs Benedict with salmon and pâté with crispy toast and beef, we assemble bruschetta with scrambled eggs and guacamole, we serve farmer’s cottage cheese and complement cheesecakes with sour cream.
“Vino&Voda” is a place where gastronomy, art and love of St Petersburg are closely intertwined!

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